Welcome to my Website!

45X45 (3)

I hope you enjoy looking around my different galleries and getting to know me better.

I’m a mixed-media artist blending watercolor and ink with collaged elements of different materials, mainly, made of organic fibers, such as recycled or cotton paper …
Exquisite papers, paints, brushes and my magic tool: the nib

My maxim’s guided by nature and its movement, that always-harmonious gesture which brings us balance and rest when we observe it.
This movement mixes both spontaneity and intention; it suggests freedom and action, still everything is being taken care of.  Ultimately, each brushstroke has to convince me. I’m not sure if this is an advantage, but I’m a perfectionist!
The result is a dynamic painting, both alive and relaxing, in which each brushstroke is unique and indulged with color. I seek for balance in each artwork by highlighting both the simplicity and magnitude of each shape.

Cajón taller LolaPainting is a lifestyle and its outcome’s always positive. Painting’s my meditation, my gym, my passion and my time, which is the most valuable thing I can share with you.

You are welcome to take a look at my paintings; you’ll sure find one that you like!